Where can I buy an aquama® machine?

Simply by ordering online on our e-shop - https://ph.aquama.com/3-shop

What does the machine produce?

The machine uses salt, water and electricity to produce a solution with detergent and disinfectant properties which is at least 50 times as effective as bleach. This solution is chemical free, odourless and biodegradable.

Which machine can be used for my home, small office, cafes etc?

The Freedom® Pure is the small aquama® machine which can be used to make the solution directly in homes, small offices, restaurants etc.

Which machine can be used for my office, hotel or other large businesses?

The professional machines FALCON R, HOGERON can produce large quantities of the solution for professional use. These solutions are effective for upto 6 months.

How do I use my Freedom® Pure?

Step 1: Fill your pitcher with tap water

Step 2: Add the aquama® salt (2g for 1L, 1g for 0.5L)

Step 3: Mix well

Step 4: Press the button to start activation. Choose the "low" or "high" mode depending on the desired disinfection power.

The machine beeps when the solution is ready. After 7 days, reactivate your solution, without adding any salt.

What is the difference between the "high" and "low" modes?

The “low” mode makes it possible to produce a solution 50 times more effective than bleach (Can be used for floors, table tops, kitchen, windows etc). The "high" mode provides a solution up to 100 times more efficient(Can be used for stronger disinfection in bathrooms and toilets etc); Beep once to activate the "low" mode and twice for the "high" mode.

How do I maintain my Freedom® Pure?

Clean the inside of the module with a warm, damp microfiber (cloth). Be careful not to touch the electrodes inside. In case of lime, use 50% water and 50% food anti-lime without activation (vinegar for example) to remove excess Calcium and Magnesium in the module. For more information "Maintenance", go to page 10 of your user manual.

How to make several litres of aquama® continuously?

If you want to make a second litre of aquama® solution, simply wait for the second beep from the machine (after 3 minutes, time required for the device to cool down). If you do this more than 5 times in succession, your Freedom® Pure will stop automatically to avoid overheating.

My Freedom® Pure does not work, what can I do?

First check the points given below:

• Did you put the right amount of salt? (2g for 1L, 1g for 0.5L)

• Did you mix the solution well before starting the activation?

• Have you checked that there is no previous solution left in the jug?

• Have you made sure that the Freedom® Pure is connected correctly?

• Isn't there too much lime on your pitcher?

If the problem persists, contact our customer service by email pacific@aquama.com

Can I use table salt to make my solution?

Indigo © salt is a refined (non-food) pure salt. aquama® cannot guarantee services under warranty and the effectiveness of your cleaning solutions pure aquama® salt is not used

What are the guarantees on your aquama® machines?

For aquama®  machines, the guarantee is for 2 years. For professional machines under a lease term, the guarantee is for the duration of the lease  

Does aquama® make custom machines?

Yes. Depending on your your different disinfection & detergent needs, we offer tailor-made, configurable solutions to increase/decrease disinfection power. Contact us at pacific@aquama.com.

How are your solutions produced?

Through a hydrolysis process, we electrify water and salt to change its properties. The result is a 100% ecological detergent and disinfectant solution.

How do you know that aquama® is effective?

Simply spray aquama® on cooking oil (olive or other), you will see the dislocation of fat molecules instantly. Then just wipe with a microfiber. The aquama® solution is very effective, especially in the kitchen, on ceramic hobs, worktops, floors, hoods or any surface to be degreased (even your barbecue).

aquama® can also be used for carpets, as well as a 100% ecological stain remover.

Please check out the bactericidal test performed by one of our clients - Andaz hotel (Hyatt) - https://youtu.be/mnOYHhVoHiU

Is the solution biodegradable?

aquama® naturally transforms water and salt into a detergent and disinfectant solution. This re-transforms into water, oxygen and salt according to the universal principles: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Is the solution toxic to health?

The solution is completely safe. The aquama® solution does not contain endocrine disruptors or allergens and does not give off any toxic fumes (no chloramines or any volatile organic compounds). In addition, it also does not put you at any risk in case of contact with eyes, skin, ingestion or inhalation.

How long does the aquama® solution stay effective for?

Our Freedom® Pure allows you to produce a stable solution for 7 days after which you can reactivate the solution by just pouring it back into the machine without adding any more salt. With aquama®, nothing is lost or wasted.

What is the advantage over white vinegar?

Due to its acidic pH, white vinegar can have a corrosive effect on certain porous surfaces. In addition, our solution meets European standards EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN14476. Finally, unlike white vinegar, aquama® has no odor. Discover the full comparison on this blog page.

Is there a need to rinse off the solution on toys or food?

No, no need to rinse off with aquama®! Our solution based on water, salt and electricity is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic to health. You have absolutely no risk if swallowed or in contact with the skin.

Why are the bottles printed?

We have chosen to have the bottles printed to reduce the number of labels produced. You can reuse your spray, reducing your ecological impact in the long term.

On which surfaces can I use the aquama® Indigo © solution?

On all surfaces that can accept "water". The solution can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, sanitary ware, on floors, doorknobs, windows, dishes, children's toys, etc. Use aquama® Indigo © whenever you need both a universal detergent and disinfectant. Our solution replaces up to 90% of household products. It is particularly effective against bad odors. However, it does not replace an anti-scale.

Does aquama® damage materials?

Anything that supports water supports aquama®.

Can we wash surfaces like wooden floors?

Yes, everything that supports water supports aquama®! However, we do not recommend using it on an oiled parquet floor, due to the degreasing properties of the solution.

How do I use the aquama® Indigo © solution on my floors?

For 3 to 4 weeks: Use the pure aquama® solution (2g of salt for 1L of water) to remove the biofilm (caused by the use of your previous chemicals).

The next 3 to 4 weeks: Use a dilute solution. Two thirds of aquama® solution for one third of water. Always as efficient AND economical.

The following weeks: Use a more dilute solution. 1L of solution for 1L of water. It is advisable to use the pure aquama® solution once a month.

Note that the solution can only be stored for one day in the open air (in a bucket for example), unlike the 7 days for sprays.

How do I use the aquama® Indigo © solution on my windows?

For faster results on glass, two solutions with aquama®:

- Dilute your solution (50% aquama® / 50% water)

- Spray your solution directly on your special glass microfiber

Tips that can save you money by using fewer solutions!

Can I use aquama® in my dishwasher?

No, aquama® does not replace the solutions for the dishwasher. You can however spray the solution in the dishwasher before launching it if necessary to disinfect (in addition to the tablet).

Can I use aquama® in my washing machine?

No, aquama® does not serve as detergent. The water sent by the washing machine would dilute the solution too much.

Can I buy the solution directly by the liter?

Yes, you can buy your revelation pack in the shop or fill a spray on a self-service machine. A machine is available in our premises, located at Km. 21 West Service Road. Pan-Philippine Hwy, Cupang, Muntinlupa, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines. You can also stock up on the solution in your company, if your company has a Falcon R®. 

How do I credit my aquama® account and reload my spray?

Learn how to use the aquama® app and locate the machines on this page - https://ph.aquama.com/content/7-refill-locator