Freedom S®

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The Principle of Manufacturing aquama® Indigo® solution

Just need water and salt, push the button, 3 minutes to quickly produce efficient, safe, non-toxic aquama® Indigo® solution disinfectant
H2O (200ml) + NaCl (1g) electrolysis for 3 minutes aquama® Indigo® solution (sodium hypochlorite) + H2 (hydrogen).

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The homemade disinfectant sprayer is controlled by microcomputer. Using readily available salt and water as raw materials. It only takes 3 minutes to produce efficient, safe and non-toxic sodium hypochlorite antibacterial disinfectant conveniently and quickly. You don’t have to worry about the health risks of using disinfectant any more.


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Kitchen cleaning

Disinfection of kitchen sanitary appliance, utensils, ceramic wall tiles, floor and floor drain; cleaning and disinfection of tableware, tea sets, milk bottles and nipples.

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Disinfection of clothes

Disinfection and bleaching of household textiles, clothing and other textiles. (CAUTION! Test a small area in advance).

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Fruits and vegetables disinfection

Easy decomposition of pesticide residues on the surface, the fruits and vegetables will become fresh and tender

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Disinfection at home

Cleaning and disinfection of home furniture, telephone and toys (except for non-galvanized metal). Pet disinfection and cleaning: pet disinfection, cleaning, odor elimination, sterilization and cleaning of pets. Rinse after use.

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Disinfection of medical instruments in 15 min, regardless of their state of cleanliness.
Disinfection of medical surfaces (EN 13727, EN 14476, EN 1276, EN 1650).
Hand disinfection: certification COVID19 (SRAS-CoV-2) EN 14476:2019-10.
(Labo certified by DAKKS Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH).

Create your own aquama® Indigo® all-purpose cleaning and disinfectant solution anywhere, anytime with the push of a button using just water, salt and electricity.

Thanks to its virucidal and anti-bacterial activity, aquama® solutions kill coronavirus, bacilli, salmonella, pneumonia, legionella, and more.

The unit weighs just 315g, and a full charge can produce 15 rounds of all-purpose cleaning and disinfectant solution to effectively surfaces like kitchen stoves or greasy hoods, disinfect clothing, safely clean fruits and vegetables, and even medical equipment. 


Create your own cleaning solution at home!
"The Freedom S® was dubbed the magic product at home. It is really satisfying to be able to make your own cleaning solution so easily. And i find its anti-bacterial properties particularly useful in the kitchen (cleaning oven, cutting boards etc)."
Olivia C.
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Product Details
No Estrogenic Activity
SGS Group - Test Report - No Estrogenic Activity
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No Chloramine
SGS Group - Test Report - No Chloramine
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No Allergens
SGS Group - Test Report - No Allergens
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Quick User Guide
How to remove the cover inside the Freedom S
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Instructions aquama® Freedom S®
Instructions aquama® Freedom S®
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